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For nearly two years, the world has been occupied with fighting the pandemic and social justice warriors have brought to our attention that the human rights of many people have been impacted by the pandemic around the globe.
Social and cultural rights, gender equality, migrants and refugees have all been highlighted as key human rights priorities for governments of the world.
The Black Lives Matter movement has grown stronger and stronger everyday as have the calls for inclusion of diverse voices, fair treatment of refugees and asylum seekers and gender equality.
Whilst Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Equality have dominated our discourse for quite some time, and we have been busy developing policy documents, strategic frameworks, programs and initiatives framed within these headings, the question remains as to whether we are on the right track.
What has been our guiding framework and are we all heading in the right direction to protect and uphold the human rights of every person in our community?
This forum will focus on inclusion and equity presented by people with lived experiences of exclusion and inequity. It will shine a bright light on human rights and social justice principles, it is a call to action to statutory bodies, decision makers, law enforcement agencies, legal profession, health sector, community leaders, community based organisations and sporting clubs to move beyond the rhetoric and make a shift in their way of practice.


Wurdi Youang (Level 5)
Geelong Library and Heritage Centre
The Dome
51 Little Malop Street, Geelong


12 November 2021
8.30 - 15.45

Nyadol Nyuon: Keynote Speech
Terori Hareko-Avaivilla, Director, Salt Studio Consultancy
Mehak Sheikh – Director, U-Learn with Mehak
Norm Stanley, Wurri-Ki Culture
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Nyadol Nyuon

Drawing from her lived experience as a refugee, her expertise as a lawyer, and her passion for social justice and human rights, Nyadol will talk about her personal stories of combating racism. She will share her insights as to where Australia is positioned within the Human Rights framework, how we are faring compared to the rest of the world and what we need to do to get there.
Nyadol is a vocal advocate for human rights, multiculturalism, the settlement of people with refugee experiences and those seeking asylum. She has worked and volunteered extensively in these areas with a range of organisations.


Terori Hareko-Avaivilla

Working in two worlds

First Nation employees working in mainstream agencies often feel burdened and experience challenges that impact on their cultural safety and wellbeing. The concept of ’working in two worlds’ might be new to many cross-sector agencies but for First Nation employees this can be a barrier to career satisfaction and progression.
Terori will invite you to build a deeper understanding of ‘Working in Two Worlds’, how you as allies can best support and facilitate cultural safety within your organisations, lead in the First Nations space to support your First Nations colleague to contribute without feeling burdened.


Mehak Sheikh

Refugee & Migrant Experience - Youth Voices

This session will provide an insight into the current experiences of young advocates in the diversity and inclusion + non-profit space. Mehak will share her own journey, what inclusion and exclusion in policy, planning and program delivery looks like and how to approach social and sustainable change through a systemic and intersectional lens. Mehak will cover this using anecdotal evidence, lived experience of navigating culture and diversity in Australia and some tangible tactics to engage multicultural young people.


Norm Jurrawaa Stanley

Living, life and growing up on Wadawurrung Country

Join in a yarn with Norm Jurrawaa Stanley as he shares his life growing up and living on Wadawurrung Country through art, music and storytelling. Norm will share his experiences of seeing voices of the custodians of the land being overlooked, dismissed and ignored. He will yarn with us about the impact of this on him and his people and why it is important that the oldest living culture of the world, is talked about everyday and is present in all we do.
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