Forty Nights
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Forty Nights is an accomplished, beautiful novel soaked in the poetry of Tishtar's Persian heritage, and his longing for home. Read the full review here.

Declan Fry

Sydney Morning Herald

"Forty Nights is written in unadorned prose, leisurely, sometimes ruminative, sometimes whimsical. The Divan-e Hafez, a classic of Persian poetry, is a touchstone, both as a work of imagination and because the act of creation and imagination itself means being able to envisage a way through fear. Tishtar himself is an odd, somewhat callous man – the loner, coldly aloof. His detachment may be assigned to trauma, though there are suggestions that it is simply an aspect of his personality, extending back to his formative years in Tehran."

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Allison Huber


"Forty Nights is a gently told story, sometimes describing great violence and injustices with a warmth and calm that belies its substance. This writerly approach teaches readers in turn about the generosity required to share stories of trauma."

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Read Pirooz’s own article in The Age here. 

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"I found this to be a quiet and unassuming novel that provoked a lot of thought and reflection. I think it is well worth the time and would urge you to pick it up and get lost in it like I was, it is much too beautiful to be missed and is now out in the world today." Read the full review here.

Jess Kitching


"Stunning writing and a poignant read - thank you to Ultimo Press for allowing me the privilege of reading this story, and a huge congratulations to Pirooz Jafari for writing such a powerful book." Read the full review here.



"The power of this novel is found in its simple and affecting writing, which is honest and vulnerable. How can it not be when it’s written by an author who’s lived it?" Read the full review here.



"This book was a five star read for me and I recommend it to everyone to educate yourself and empathise with those who have lost everything and are attempting to make a new home on the other side of the world." Read the full review here.



"Expect a poetic journey here, harshness and loss written lyrically and beautifully. It's confronting and powerful, but very readable." Read full review here.



Knowing this book draws on the author's own experience made for an evocative read. I admit I knew little of Iran's history including the Islamic Revolution and this book not only helped change that, but also increased my understanding of the migrant and refugee experience and the ongoing effects of dispossession and the trauma of war. The way it explored the seach for belonging and the concept of home was particularly poignant. Read the full review here.



"My bookstagram was designed to focus on the voices of women—in particular, women of colour. However, this story is all heart & I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a tale of the ongoing effects of dislocation and dispossession. It’s an aspect of not only my life, but many others, where the search for home feels like a never ending journey." Read the full review here.


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