Forty Nights

Forty Nights is Pirooz’s debut novel. Spanning continents and centuries, Forty Nights is a tale of the ongoing effects of dispossession and dislocation – a struggle humankind has faced long into its past. Ultimately it is the story of finding home, wherever that might be.
Forty Nights was launched at the Bowery Theatre on 6 July 2022 and is now available at and your local bookseller. Forty Nights is also available as an audiobook. 

From left to right: Emily Bitto, Claire G Coleman, Pirooz, Akuch Kuol Anyieth 

From left to right: Claire G Coleman and Pirooz

From left to right: Pirooz, Claire G Coleman and Emily Cook behind the lectern 


From Left to right: Janine Mikosza, Pirooz, Emily Bitto 

Photography: Mardi Hirst