Our Forums

As an advocate for Human Rights and a voice for creating change, Track C Consulting is proud to host forums and shine light on critical issues impacting the community, we speak up when others shy away from serious conversations.

In November 2021, we held our inaugural Diversity & Inclusion forum hosting close to 60 representatives from various LGA’s, Victorian Government Department, and not for profit organisations. Our remarkable guest speakers included Nyadol Nyuon and Terori Hareko-Avaivilla who engaged the audience in a heart to heart conversation about the impact of exclusion, drawing from their lived experience and their tireless advocacy work in the community. 

In July 2022, in a bold move and in showing our solidarity with those who experience racism everyday in this country, we presented Racism, Raw & Real forum, the first forum of its kind in the Geelong region. With an outstanding lineup of speakers including the award winning author and public speaker Claire G Coleman, Leesa Timbi, Catherine Jonathan and Lowell Hunter, the forum provided the audience with a rare opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue about Racism with people who have lived it and continue to experience it everyday. Once again, the forum was warmly received, and we had close to 80 representatives from various LGA’s, the arts community and the not-for-profit sector in attendance.

In July 2023, we hosted the inaugural Gender Equality forum in Geelong hosting close to 90 representatives from various LGA’s, Victorian Government and the not-for-profit sector as well as representatives from the community. We heard from Sarah Ayoub, writer and journalist who opened the forum urging us to pay attention to the intersection of gender and race in literature and journalism. We then immersed ourselves in a profound panel discussion comprising Aunty Nellie Flagg, Kgshak Akec and Sultan Cinar who presented very different and unique perspectives on role of women in the community and the challenges they face.

We concluded the forum with Nos Hosseini, an Iranian/Australian lawyer and human rights advocate raising awareness about the female led revolution in Iran.