Community Catalyst Innovator

TRACK C CONSULTING, established in 2019 by Pirooz Jafari, is based on Wadawurrung Country.
Pirooz migrated to Australia in the late 1990’s. Upon successful completion of his law degree at University of Wollongong, he pursued a career in law and worked in various community-based organisations in New South Wales before moving to Victoria where he worked at statutory bodies including various local governments and Victoria Legal Aid Commission.

Meanwhile, Pirooz undertook pro bono legal work at a number of community legal centres including Refugee Legal (formerly known as Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre) assisting with asylum seeker file preparation and client management. He then ran his own migration law practice for over 5 years specialising in asylum seeker and humanitarian cases. This experience enriched his understanding of people’s diverse voices and their experience of gross violation of human rights.

With over 20 years’ experience in the legal arena, community development, community engagement, project management, and policy development within the human rights framework, Pirooz is versatile and capable of taking on challenging projects. He is also a photographer, a writer and a story-teller, as such, has a unique set of skills and sensitivity to capture people’s stories and voices. 

Pirooz’s debut novel Forty Nights is out now, published by Ultimo Press.

Our Values

Our practice is underpinned by:

• Principles of Human Rights
• Cultural diversity
• Civic Participation
• Community leadership
• Collaboration and Partnership

Credit to Isaac Morgan for the brochure design.