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Our collective expertise, combined with our lived experiences, help us to tune into the voices of diverse communities who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, journeys similar to ours. We will listen, and help you listen, and capture the voices of the community. Having a deep and respectful understanding of people’s cultures and what it means to them is integral to making policies, delivering services, running programs, engaging with people of culturally diverse backgrounds. People’s experiences of migration and adapting to a new culture, and how these factors combined can influence or affect their perspectives, motivations and behaviours.
Various International Covenants on Human Rights, the Victorian Charter of Human Rights are our guiding principles combined with our commitment to ethical practice, professional integrity and transparency.


We speak many languages

We have worked with refugees, migrants and international students from all corners of the globe. We have years of experience working closely with community leaders, interpreters, bi-cultural workers, youth leaders and elders to co-design and problem solve together.


Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

And of course, English!


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Community engagement techniques

These vary depending on the audience, they include:
Roundtable discussions
Discussion groups
World café
Story Telling

Meet the team

Pirooz Jafari

Founder - Principal Consultant

• Bachelor of Laws
• Bachelor of Visual Arts (Major in Photography)
• Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
• Certificate in iAP2 Training
I was born in Iran. I have called Australia home for the past 24 years where I pursued a career in law and worked in various community-based organisations and statutory bodies over the years.
For a significant part of my legal career, I worked with refugees and asylum seekers from different countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Burma, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
I have also been involved in multiple municipal projects engaging migrants who had migrated to Australia post second World War, including but not limited to people from Malta, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

I have a deep sensitivity in working with people who have experienced war, conflict and loss of culture and home. I have a profound understanding of the impact of these experiences on migrants and refugees and their everyday life in Australia.
With over 20 years’ experience in legal case work, community development, community engagement & project management and policy development within the human rights framework, I am versatile and capable of taking on challenging projects.
I am also a photographer, a writer and a story- teller, as such I have a unique set of skills and sensitivity to capture people’s stories and voices.

Meet the team

Téa O'Driscoll

Senior Consultant

• PhD in Sports & Exercise Science
• Masters in International & Community Development
• Bachelor of Psychology & Anthropology
I came to Australia as a refugee from the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, with my family when I was 5 years old. I soon learnt to navigate living between two very distinct worlds. My life ever since has been enriched with the diversity that my family heritage offered me, and the linkages I have made with people of different cultures. My experience of being forced out of my home, watching my parents build something from nothing, being ‘different’ and excluded, and all the challenges we faced as a family trying to settle into a completely new social and physical world, made me a more open, incredibly resilient, person.
All throughout my academic and professional life I worked with culturally diverse communities, and was fascinated by culture, and particularly the effects that adapting to a new culture has on people who resettle in new countries. After completing my Masters in International & Community Development, I pursued a path to obtain a PhD and academic research experience, in addressing issues relating to refugee health, resettlement, and creating innovative methods for applying culturally sensitive approaches to mainstream services, where I have worked professionally.
I lived in China for 3 ½ years where I yet again experienced challenges in living in a completely different world, a different language and whole new culture. As a mother of two young children, my experience enriched my understanding of settling into a foreign environment and navigating a new sense of identity and belonging, this time as an adult.
I have had a broad community development experience across 5 different local government bodies in Queensland and Victoria, primarily in community development roles focused on cultural diversity. I have tailored my studies to focus on cultural communication and cultural and community psychology, as well as community development avenues.
My expertise are in cultural diversity, concepts of health and wellbeing, refugee health, and bridging the gap between research and practice in this space. I have specialist expertise in conducting needs analyses, program development and implementation, evaluation, and reporting.
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